Full Buffet at Club Privata

Club Privata's Chef provides a variety of food choices for you to enjoy every night. A full buffet of delicious food will be available to you free of charge throughout the evening. Beginning with dinner fare earlier in the evening, then switching to breakfast choices for those guests enjoying the club in the later hours.

Expert Mixologists

As the premier adult lifestyle club in the northwest, our attention to quality and detail does not end with our facilities alone.  We provide only the best selection of top shelf liquors, beer and wine for you to enjoy. With two full service bars, each staffed by our friendly, full time club mixologists, you won't be waiting long to enjoy a top quality beverage.

Featured Wine From Naked Winery

2014 Tease Riesling - This semi-sweet light wine is bountiful in summer fruit, candied casaba melons, honey drizzled apricots, with a soft lemon citrus finish. Perfect solution for the dry wine drinker and their sweet lover. 

2015 Foreplay Chardonnay - Foreplay teases your senses upfront with a bouquet of luscious ripe fruit. No hurry here... once uncorked, let it breathe and work into a nice rhythm as it warms up. Anticipate the sweetness at the end, complimenting the silky tannins. A little Foreplay goes a long way. 

Climax Red Blend - Soft at first, expect a rock solid finish. A firm body with plenty of girth stretches the palate for a full mouth feel. Engorged with succulent cherry flavors and undertones of dark berry flesh, this blend is ready to release now with flavors that shoot out at the finish. Our Climax will leave you screaming for more. 

2014 Fling Gewürztraminer - Can't commit? Indulge in a Fling! Uncover a private display of passion fruit that'll make your tongue swirl and your toes curl. Savor the sweetness on your lips as this wine entices you with hints of wild orchids and coconut milk. 

2014 Vixen Syrah - Vixen, our foxy wine, is coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry. This is a wine with attitude and aromas that ignite the senses with silky tannins that bite and hold on. Don't forget your whip on the hunt, as this Vixen has her own set of rules! 

Cougar Semi-Sparkling - Our Cougar bursts on the tongue with bubbles that tickle the mouth, but don't overwhelm your senses, showing her maturity and expertise. This wine draws in the tongue with sweet flavors of tropical fruits and then seals the deal with a light sparkle. 

2014 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon - Penetration offers a juicy mouthful of cherry and black currant fruit that dance playfully on your tongue, voluptuous body with soft oak and smooth leathery notes promises to deliver at every encounter.