CLub Privata FAQ'S & rules

Have fun and play safe at club privata

Club Privata faq's & rules
Do you have to wear a mask inside of the club?
Oregon has mandated that everyone including vaccinated customers wear a mask inside of the club. We are following that state mandate.
What are the rules at Club Privata?
No Cell Phone Use. Period
No weapons of any kind are allowed
Ask Before You Touch - Ask Once and Only Once
No Means NO
Do Not Stalk People
Treat Everyone with Dignity and Respect
Do Not Open Closed Doors or Curtains
Do Not Interrupt Others
Do Not Be Creepy or make other members uncomfortable by your actions
Do Not Masturbate Outside Play Areas
Clean Up Your Own Mess
No photography or video taping is allowed
No E cigarettes
No Marijuana in the club
Use Common Sense!
Do you have condoms at the club?
Yes we provide condoms throughout the club and in the rooms. We also have wipes, towels and hand sanitizer throughout the club.
What are the Club Hours?
We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Currently our hours are:
Thursday 8pm to 2am
Friday 8pm to 3am
Saturday 8pm to 3am
Last entry on Thursday is 12:30am and on Friday and Saturday 2am

Do you have to be a member to attend Club Privata?
Club Privata is a Members only club.  Most parties require you to have an active membership.  All club attendees are required to sign our membership waiver, purchase a membership and pay the nightly door fee. Club Privata does hold parties each month that do not require the membership fee. Newbies night, our Erotic Art show and our Meet & Greets. See the Calendar for party information.
Is there a door fee to attend an event?
Yes there is a door fee and you have to be a member in order to attend an event. Events and door fees are listed on our calendar. Click here to view the calendar. For membership fees and information click here.

How do I reserve one of the VIP rooms?
We have 2 VIP rooms. One is located on the Mezzanine floor and one is located on our 3rd floor. Click here to reserve one of our 2 VIP rooms. VIP rooms are available on a first come basis.

Is Club Privata a 21 and older club?
Yes we are a 21 and older club. You need to bring a valid ID each time you attend the club.
Can we attend any event if we are new to the club and the lifestyle?
Yes you can attend any event. We are a members only club but we offer a 1 night membership and if you are from out of town we have a 7 day membership you can purchase. We do host a Newbies Night where there is no membership required. See the Calendar for details.
Do you sell Liquor or can we BYOB
We have two full bars and we do not allow outside liquor in our establishment.
Where can I purchase tickets for your events?
Currently we sell our tickets online and at the door.
Do you have parking at the club?
There is on street parking in front of and around the club. There are also various parking garages located near our location.
How do I become an Ambassador at Club Privata?
To join our Club Privata family and become an Ambassador click here to send us your information so we can contact you.

Do you have a dress code?
Club Privata does have a dress code. All club attendees must follow the dress code or dress according to the party theme. Please read our dress code before attending the event.

Where can you be nude in the club?
Nudity is allowed everywhere, however men are only allowed to be nude when they are actively involved in play, on a bed. Men can not walk around the club nude, that includes partially nude. Women can be nude as long as shoes are worn.

What do you consider a couple?
A couple is two people. For polyamory couples this still applies. If you are bringing more than one partner then you will need to pay for the third person as a single. Unless it is on one of our throuple nights. Special pricing can be found on the calendar page for these parties.

Are lockers and showers available?
We have lockers available on the first and third floor at no cost. You can bring your own lock or purchase one at the bar for a minimal charge.

Showers and towels are available for use and are located on the first floor. The showers are stocked with shampoo and body wash.

What type of play spaces do you have?
At Club Privata we have a play space for everyone. On the first and second floors we have rooms with doors that close for those who would like their play time to be more private.

The second floor also has our orgy bed which has two king size mattresses beside each other and is surrounded by a bar where people can sit and enjoy the activities. We have a voyeur room perfect for those that like to be watched.

The third floor holds our second bar, sitting area with couches and our couples only sex lounge. 
Are the door fees based on how you present yourself or what is listed on your ID.
The door fee is based on how you present yourself when you come to the club.
Do you offer a military discount?
You can receive $10.00 off of the door fee when you show your military id.
Your Privacy
At Club Privata, we understand the need for discretion and privacy, and we take this responsibility as one of our highest priorities. Please take a moment to read these important details regarding club membership.

Membership applications must be completed by each person requesting membership or guest entrance. Each person must disclose his or her true and legal identity upon making application for Club Privata membership. This information is kept confidential and is not shared with any outside party unless there is a legally compelling reason to provide such information to an agency that makes a legal request.

While we understand that some may not wish to disclose their legal identification, we will not grant membership or access to those who refuse to provide this information.

Your true identity is used to provide protection to all members, and in turn provides a level of additional privacy and protection for yourself. We maintain your true name, date of birth, and identification number on file. This information may be used from time to time to run our membership base against public predatory sex offenders databases, to help ensure that Club Privata is free from registered sexual predators. Additional use of true identity assists us in ensuring that those who are banned from Club Privata for any reason do not have a reasonable way to re-join under a different name.
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