Bjs with AJ
Mind Melting Erotic Spanking (She Bop Class)
Open:     Friday, October 13th (7pm)
Close:    Friday, October 13th (8:30pm)

Since the dawn of time, spanking has brought pleasure and pain to all kinds of booties. What's your favorite kind of spanking? Firm yet gentle? Over the knee? Have you ever tried rhythmic spanking or been spanked into a trance-like state? Maybe you haven't tried it yet and want to learn first. This workshop will help you explore all of that — and more!

In this class, we’ll get into the biology behind why spankings can feel so delicious, how to use your hands and tools for the yummiest delivery, warm-up (a key ingredient), placement of spanks so they become orgasmic, how to "read" your partner, negotiation and consent, ergonomics, and aftercare. We'll also get into how you can customize the experience for the bottom's Erotic Blueprint, whether they're energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or a shapeshifter. This class will include a hot live demo.

Membership:                   Not Required 
Couples:                          $60.00
Singles:                           $35.00
- Tickets available at door or online