CLub Privata Testimonials

Curious about coming to the cluB? Here's what others are saying!

Club Privata Testimonials

With Class...

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the exceptional establishment that you guys have birthed in Portland.

Sam and I enjoyed Club Sesso almost every week (sometimes more than once a week) when we lived in Portland, but there was always something missing. After visiting Club Privata we both figured out what had been missing...class.

Your Club was clean, the details were clean. The club had a feeling of safety, not a feeling of skanky. Instead of feeling like I was stepping out of my reality, but feeling like I would be embarrassed if I ran into anyone I knew at Sesso, I felt like I was in a classy club and it would be cool to run into an associate (Curtis was an exceptional bartender, a gentleman, fast hands and a very warm smile).

We had a great time. We are planning on heading back to Portland in the fall/early winter for a trip to Club Privata. 

We look forward to witnessing your progress and success.

Mark and Sam

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Great First Experience...

We are new members and July 3rd and 4th was our first time visiting any club AND first time officially  in the LS in public.

On Saturday night we left our phones at the hotel because of how we misinterpreted the no phone rule online.  So when it came time to leave  your sweet doorman called us a cab and even offered to pay for it. We  accepted to help us make the call but chose to give him cash for his protective gesture. A+ in our books.

Then when we came back second night we had our phone in the lockers, we ordered a cab from Radio Cab and yet another sweet (but different) doorman  noticed that we were waiting outside for a solid 45 - 60 minutes. He went so far as to offer us a ride up to the marriot. I thought you should know that my husband and met and both worked in clubs "back in the day".  Never EVER have I felt so safe as I did at your establishment. I have already insisted to our new LS friends they MUST go and support you ASAP. We hope to come back for baywatch night. Since we are from Eugene area, coming to you place involves a lot more expense than just the door tickets. However, gas, hotel, membership,event tickets...all seem worth it and the entire experience was ...priceless.

Thank you for such a clean, elegant and SAFE establishment. I will be promoting you guys as much as I can.  Please give a special thank you to the gentlemen at the outside door.  They deserve credit.

Also would like to thank the bartenders. They were so willing and happy to make our special drink (Watermelon Sugar High). Having worked in those situations sometimes those custom orders are irritating but they never showed it. Made them with a smile. I appreciate you had the whipped vodka, watermelon pucker liqueur, grenadine  and 7up all on hand. You made my first experience better because I was able to relax. The staff was  polite & willingly to make them for me all weekend.

I am sure you get lots of feedback. But I wanted to let you know just how well your crew worked as a team and did their jobs with professionalism and care.

Good job all!

Very best regards - S & G