Open:     Friday, February 23rd (8pm)
Close:    Saturday, February 24th (3am)
Last entry 1:30am
The 3rd floor opens at 11:30pm

Our quarterly Fetish & Fantasy night has arrived! Spice things up and wear your favorite fetish wear, latex, leather, harness, collar, boots, or heels that demand attention.

Come early and enjoy a rope suspension demonstration that will start by 8:30pm. We will have stations throughout the club and toy tastings will be available for the curious. Voyeurs and players are welcome! There will be monitors throughout the club to assist guests throughout the evening.

Guests of this event need to complete our fetish waiver prior to attending: https://forms.gle/qEj6g38tF486H8vX9 

Fetish & Fantasy Guidelines:
- Rope and Impact Play in designated areas or private rooms only.
- Use good judgement and be aware of your surroundings when using toys that may inadvertently strike bystanders.
- Scene / play negotiation is encouraged before you play. Have an idea of what your desired experience will be for a session. Be empowered to express boundaries, hard limits, and sensitivities. Discuss aftercare before you play!
- RED – YELLOW – GREEN feedback is encouraged during play. Ask to know more about this. The words “RED” or “SAFEWORD” used during play will be an indication that you want to STOP, and it will alert others to assist you immediately.
- No play involving scat, urine, vomit, blood, wax, fire, needles, knife edge play, staples, un-flanged or untethered toys for anal penetration.
- No play with the explicit intent of breaking skin.
- No play involving an unusual amount of substance (more than 2oz) such as lube, water, lotion, sex candies, food, etc
- No breath-play between inexperienced partners.
- Please do not improvise hard points. Designated areas have hard points installed. Ask monitors or staff if you are not sure.
- No "Consensual Non-Consent" play.  Club Privata staff will intervene in any situation where non consensual activity is observed, such as using the word "no" repeatedly, forceful attempts to escape bondage, restraints, or holds, and aggressive persistent acts that are met with resistance.

Dress code is in full effect.

Membership:                   Required 
Single Women:              $15.00
Single Men:                      $85.00
- The only way to guarantee entry as a single man is to pre-purchase a ticket online
- Couples arriving before 10pm save $10 off admission
- Tickets available at the door or online